Felicity Allyse

Floral & Paper Artistry

- 10 reasons why….. paper flowers rock my world!! -

Reason #10
the 3 W’s

no WORK……no WATER…….no WORRY

These babies can not die, wilt, whine, or look depressed. They simply sit happy in a vase and just live. I love simplicity, a simple life= a happy life! Our paper flowers do just that!!

Reason #9

GIANT flowers

Giant, over-sized flowers just don’t grow on trees….with paper, things like this (see to the right)  are possible!! Who doesn’t love a big flower to show off their personality?! One more reason paper flowers rock my socks!


Reason #8

“Dr. Seuss” comes alive!!

With paper, there are flowers that can be made to never exist in the real world. Wild designs, petals and shapes can be made to make that certain look come alive! For instance…the Kusudama flower! This is where you can invent your own flower and really stand out in the crowd.

Reason #7


Reason #6

A rainbow is the new black

It is a fact that not all flowers come in the colors you are looking for. This happens to florists and brides alike. With paper there are THOUSANDS of colors, hues, tones etc that can be turned into any type of flower. If you fancy blue roses or striped calla lilies …paper is the flower for you!

Reason #5

Paper is cheap y’all

I’m going to be honest here….paper cost pennies per sheet. The affordability of paper flowers is very realistic! Many clients can walk away with a $40 flower bouquet depending on the paper they want. We are so cheap that we can even make the flowers out of coffee filters!! cheap is now the new thing….everyone wants that perfect flower, or bouquet but most don’t have the wallet to pay for it. This way everyone can have what they want for the price they want!!

Reason #4

I admit….I’m a paper hoarder

I love paper, I love flowers, I love hot glue, I love color, therefore I must love clutter. WRONG! I hoard paper but it’s organized chaos y’all! This leads to a lot of lost husband in the basement, paper cuts on a daily basis, and recycling!

Reason #3

Please refer to our our official business quote


Who do you know that has paper flowers??!……exactly!

Reason #2


The big question….well, no! 🙂 Everywhere we go we are walked by, disregarded, and ignored thinking we are like every…other…florist. Come to find out that when people ask, or look closely they are astounded by the real look of the flowers. It’s all about looks right?! When most people think “paper flowers” the thought of preschool craft project comes to mind. Well y’all paper has come a long way; so has creativity! 😉

The  # 1 REASON why paper flowers rock my world is..

The long lasting memory they hold!

For every flower we make there is a memory that will go into it! This is the BEST part of my job! Having our clients hold those memories in their hand says more than words can express. Years from now paper flowers will be sitting in a vase vibrant and “alive” reminding someone of that special moment in which they received these. Whether it be their wedding day, anniversary, birthday, or loss of a loved one, paper flowers last a lifetime!


10 reasons why….. paper flowers rock my world!!