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What is a Paper Florist?


Many people ask…what is a paper florist? What paper are you talking about? your a florist right?

There are mass differences when it comes to a florist and a paper florist. I’ve made it easy for you below!

your good ole


  • They work with (should anyways) fresh flowers and live plants.
  • They often sell many other things besides flowers
  • They buy the fresh flowers from a wholesaler
  • It can be a bit messy with water, preservatives, spray paint….yes I said spray paint, thorns…etc
  • They are creative in arranging the fresh flowers
  • There are many components that go into keeping the flowers fresh and alive.

an out of the box

paper florist

  • They CREATE paper flowers using different types of paper
  • They sell nothing but paper flowers and have an obsession with them
  • They hand craft each flower that is put into an arrangement…there is no buying these in bulk.
  • It is VERY messy with wire, hot glue and lots of it…paper trimmings, more wire, and did I say paper?
  • They are creative in all aspects of the flower process, from making it to arranging it!
  • They don’t have to worry about keeping the flowers alive…paper flower won’t die!


Now you might say that I sound a bit biased….maybe, but when it all comes down to it, a paper florist is not only a florist but an artist! We imagine, create and assemble art! Something that comes from nothing is such an amazing thing and when you look at a bouquet of paper flowers….it blows your mind to think that was a flat sheet of paper 30 mins ago.

crepe paper

wedding flowers denver

the perks of working with a paper florist

  • The process is completely customized
  • You get to choose the exact colors you want your flowers to be
  • You can have any flower you want anytime of the year. There is no seasonal flower with paper!
  • Paper flowers can be affordable!
  • You get to see your flowers BEFORE the day of your wedding. There is no surprises with paper flowers.
  • The colors you choose are the color you get!
  • You are receiving a piece of art.
  • The flowers on your wedding day can be placed in a vase and last for years to come.

Denver’s Finest Paper Florist