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- Featured Vendor- Mile High Celebrations -

Featured Vendor- Mile High Celebrations

As a floral and paper artist in the wedding industry it is very important that I know and have a planner that understands my business and my kind of clients. Wedding planners are the go to for anyone looking to have an event. FRom Bat mitzvahs to anniversary parties these people have the hookups!

Veronica Davis

That is why I got very lucky when I met Veronica Davis of Mile High Celebrations! This woman blew my socks off when I saw how she conducted an event. Veronica or Roni ,as she likes to be called, remembers and plans every second of an event. FRom down time for the bride and groom to the very second the sunsets for the perfect picture! Roni never seems to miss a beat!

I asked Roni a couple of questions about her experience and love of the planning industry, Here is what she said!

Why did you become a planner?

I became a planner because my love for details! I love the smell of the flowers, the sparkle in the eyes, the smiles and hugs. I even love figuring out the floor plans and timelines and solving challenges that come along. Knowing that my clients had the time of their lives and will always remember their wedding day as one of happiest, that is awesome. I love what I do!

How long have you been planning events?

I planned my first wedding as a favor to a friend in 1989 in Evergreen. From there I planned weddings off and on for 20 years until I made it my full time career in 2010.

What is your favorite kind of event to manage/plan?

Ones the reflect your personalities. If you love our beautiful state with mountain views, local ingredients and microbrews, have them. If you have an eclectic personality, let’s highlight it! One of my favorite weddings has Vail Valley views, while the other one featured Steampunk touches. Your guests are there for you, as you are, so be yourself.

What is your favorite part of planning a wedding?

There are 2 things that I normally don’t see because I don’t want to get all sappy and look ridiculous. One is the first look. Oh my gosh, when your fiancé turns you around and sees you, sigh, tears. It is so sweet and such a wonderful little moment. The other is when I send you or your fiancé down the aisle so you can meet each other at the altar. Yep, tears. Sappy, ridiculous tears.

What is one of the biggest mistakes couples make when trying to get married?

You cant do it all. Planning is a ton of work and that work doesn’t stop just because it is your wedding day. Invest in an experienced wedding day coordinator and get professional wedding vendors. I also highly recommend getting vendors that don’t try and do each others jobs. Anyone who says they can coordinate your wedding day along with other responsibilities cannot do it as a professional coordinator would because their focus doesn’t only belong with you. Letting everyone do the job that they are the very best at ensures a beautiful wedding day.


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Featured Vendor- Mile High Celebrations