Felicity Allyse

Floral & Paper Artistry

- Meisha & Dave | St. Julien | Boulder, CO. -

Meisha & Dave | St. Julien | Boulder, CO.

The best things in life are the giant things in life and this couple was definitely one for the books when it came to giant flowers! Meisha and Dave came to me looking for something different, out of the box and that would give their wedding day that “wow” factor. In return I created their floral decor using all sorts of mediums, wood, coffee filters and paper. Best of all 2 ft paper flowers out of card stock for their reception!

These two love birds I have to say are the cutest thing around! From calm and collected to vibrant and full of life, both of them compliment each other in every way! Just look at their engagements photos!! (all photos courtesy of Brosphoto)

When the day finally came for them to tie the knot I had never seen Meisha so happy! She gave me the biggest hug ever and was truly a glowing bride! From Meisha’s hair to her homemade place cards, every detail was perfect for Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pon! It was such a pleasure getting to meet you both and I can’t imagine one of you with out the other.

Vendors include: Brosphoto (photographer), Mile High Celebrations (planner), St Julien Hotel & Spa (venue), Candlelight Ambiance (candles & decor)

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Meisha & Dave | St. Julien | Boulder, CO.