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- The Importance of Custom Wedding Invitations -

The Importance of Custom Wedding Invitations

Why Spend Money on Invitations?!

80% of brides in the U.S are detailed oriented. Every woman dreams of the pearl piping on her wedding cake or the lace detail on her dress, but not every bride thinks twice when it comes to  picking out her wedding invitations. Why is this you ask? it comes down to the price. BUT is the $$ worth it?

Not every couple realizes the importance and design element wedding invitations hold. The first glimpse of your wedding is shown in the invitation. It is the brand of the wedding. For instance, compare a wedding to a company. A company needs a logo and a mission statement; something to announce to the public this is who we are and what we stand for. The logo is used on every letterhead, business card, window cling, and sign. Every piece of paper and design element match and compliment each other. It is the same concept for a wedding! The invitation and paper must announce to your guests, this is what our wedding is all about and this is who we are as the new Mr. & Mrs. The invitation is the logo and is a key when it comes to the decor of a wedding. If the wedding is all about the lace and pearls, wouldn’t the invitation want lace and pearls?! If the wedding is modern, eclectic and colorful wouldn’t the invitation be colorful and eclectic? So when asked again if it is worth the $$ to buy custom detailed invitations and not something printed on a piece of card stock…..YES SPEND THE MONEY! You will not regret having handmade decor for your special day.

5 reasons why I am better

Reason #5

I am a person! A real, live, tangible person, not some website with a bunch of drop down menus and 5 color options. Talking with a human being makes a huge difference. Everyone knows technology is un-reliable. yes, it’s hard to accept. Personally……I hate it, and I run my business on customer relationship. not technology relationships. Clients who want one on one contact and personalized attention are my kind of people!

Reason #4

I am a one stop shop! I am the designer, printer, planner, calligrapher, maker and sender of every invitation! Every detail that will go into them is made and done by me. There is no guessing on when you need to order them by, and when you receive them, and when you send them out, or what kind of stamps you need! I do it all folks! You the client are responsible for only one thing……making sure you love them!

Reason #3


Reason #2

Everything I make is handmade. There is no computer or machine making your wedding invitations. They are made with my love, care and personality! No where online can you get a mini hand made scrapbook to send to your guests.

Reason #1

Leave the creativity and design to me! Most of my couples are focused on their food, her dress, family, the bar so on and so forth. So leave it to me to guide you! Leave it to me to help you and tell you the process. This takes so much stress off you you! I have been working with engaged couples and invitations for years and trust me when I say, your in good hands. Your in mine!

The Importance of Custom Wedding Invitations