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- Top Favorite Engagement Rings! -

Tis’ the season for engagement!

With the “will you marry me”s flying around like planes right now, I figured I would share my favorite styles and stones in engagement rings!



I love a ring that makes a statement! This ring has two unique traits, the pear shaped diamond and the shape of the ring itself. Both well done and elegant. Not to mention my favorite gold….rose gold! it makes everything look expensive!



This simple yet stunning ring is made of rose gold and set with an emerald cut moissanite.  That’s pronounced m-oy-son-ite! This stone is softer than a diamond yet strong for every day engagement-wear, gives off more sparkle and blues hues…and is cheaper!


The beauty below is all vintage y’all! From the filigree to the tiny placed stones this ring screams royalty and sophistication! I love old jewelry!


My absolute favorite ring I adore and will hopefully own myself someday is this heart shaped Morganite and rose gold ring! Morganite is my FAVORITE STONE! It reminds me of quartz mixed with rose gold and in fact it looks the best paired with rose gold! The two compliment each other so well

My favorite jewelry store for anything rose gold is the Shane Company! They are affordable and they have the greatest selection of Rose Gold Jewelry.

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Top Favorite Engagement Rings!