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- What are Save the Dates?! -

There are many terms in the wedding stationery world that can be confusing and foreign to the everyday person. Save the dates are one of them and honestly one of the easier terms to understand! The name, save the date, is exactly that! They are pieces of personalized paper announcing to everyone you know that you are engaged and getting married!

In order to send a save the date the following info needs to be decided on and made official

  • your wedding date
  • your wedding location
  • your future invitation plans
  • the formality of your wedding

This information will tell your guests everything they need to know in order to mark their calendars, take the day off, or book an airline ticket! This will also give your guests a heads up to expect wither a formal invitation, email invite, or some other form of invitation closer to the wedding date.

The perks of sending save the dates

There are many reasons why couples chose to send a save the date. The most important reason is the power to inform. Now I realize that email, facebook, twitter and every social media outlet is the fastest route to inform the world of your engagement. BUT REALLY?! Who wants to know your engaged through your facebook status??!!

Everyone knows these kinds of photos….


Be proud to be engaged……SHOW IT!

Not just in pictures but in every aspect of your announcement! Being engaged should be an important milestone in a couple life, and every milestone should be presented and remembered thoughtfully. A tangible piece of paper, well put together, and sent in, yes, SENT THROUGH THE MAIL piece of paper tell your friends and family that you are proud to be engaged!

What are Save the Dates?!